toxic is when they can’t let you go but won’t treat you right either.
Jessica’s boyfriend is so toxic .
by calitalk January 17, 2020
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It is where someone is such an asshole you cannot deal with it. They talk shit about you and others, and if you get into an argument, you are the one blamed for it.
"Jeez, isn't she so toxic?"
"Yeah, luckily we banned her ass because I can see through bullshit."
by heythereidiot June 4, 2017
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a person's who doesn't treat you right but you keep going back to them anyways even though they're bad for you
Tayla's boyfriend is so toxic - don't know want she sees in him - she's just built different
by burgerbun2 December 3, 2020
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a word describing any destructive behavior or personality
It is toxic to call a community toxic just because the community mocks some members that fail to follow the rules absolutely.
by it is not your business July 6, 2019
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to be extremely annoying, spreading unnecessary hate about others, always have something negative or demeaning to say about another person. to have no chill whatsoever.
madison ward is the most toxic person ive ever met.
by UltraSickoMode February 3, 2019
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Description for dummies:

In the gaming world, someone toxic could be described as a hater, who chats so much shit that you wanna break your headset... Or simply mute them. This applies to PCs and consoles. Toxic gamers don't get along with anyone other than their friends, honestly no one likes them. They also usually put new players down, instead of helping them to get to know the game.

A toxic community is just full of people described above.
"Don't even tell me that PC is superior to consoles..."
"It is, but besides that, console gamers are so toxic. You can't even have fun without someone telling you that you're bad"
by theNADER April 6, 2017
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A term that somebody who frequently browses tumblr or reddit uses to describe something or somebody whom they disagree with or find unappealing.
The video gaming community is so toxic that I have to write a blog post about it.
People who hate on Steven Universe are just as toxic and bigoted as Hitler.
by TheGordonOfRamses June 19, 2018
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