something you might say in confirmation, or congratulations to someone who either did something tight, or when you are on the same wavelength.
joe: i tapped that ass
me: solid

me: poon hunt
joe: solid

me: wheres the beer
joe: i got 10 foteys
me: solid
by hoboman September 12, 2003
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Used to describe something or someone as being superior, or excellent.

So superior that it is incapable of being changed from its level of 'greatness', hence "solid"

Like a solid foundation, what is being described as "solid" is so excellent that it cannot be made less awesome.
"Son, those new two-tone kicks are indeed 'solid'!"

"Hey Joe, that new guitar riff sure is 'solid'"

"Check out Captain Cookout's new album! Its 'SOLID'!"
by El Delabor December 04, 2003
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A state of being 'okay' or chill.
Julster asked Siobhain how she was feeling. Siobhain replied, " I'm solid, Julster."
by SiobhainwinsJulieloses November 07, 2013
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Usually used at the end of a sentence to confirm something of which is cool. Can also be used as a complete sentence in itself for the same reason. Also can be used to express your appreciation to another for being "on the same page" as them, or to let someone know that the current conversation is over.
MattTroy: "Where are we going tonight Jimmy?"
Jimmy: "Looks like everyone's goin to the bar, we should too."
MattTroy: "Solid."
by Matt Jones June 12, 2006
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