Penis, dick, etc. and these=ass and this=testicles, and that=boobs
Stop sucking on your those
by Moograman March 31, 2006
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The kind of people that are extremely stupid on purpose to attempt to unsuccessfully entertain others. They commonly receive low grades and are heavily associated with sports and sluts. Those will often act like they know what they are talking about when they really don't.
Alex: Ugggh, look at all the idiots in the class
Matt: I know. It's just Those.
by Mr. Mercenary November 6, 2014
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What are those is a vine sensation that everybody says when somebody's shoe game is weak
Guy 1: i got one question
Guy 2: ?
by xxxTUCKERxxx∞∞ January 23, 2016
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generally, to have sex, and usually in an extremely energetic/aggressive way.
"Oh, her? I already beat those last week man."
by boom boom b July 27, 2004
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A group of about 15 guys from Peachtree City, Georgia notorious for crashing house parties and stealing virginitys. Known to drink incredible amounts of Natty and Keystone and show complete disregard for all humanity.
I came home to a puke stained carpet, cigarette butts on my back porch, a daughter walking bow-legged, beer cans scattered everywhere, and a naked passed out ginger boy on my must have been Those Guys.
by Points McGee May 19, 2009
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