What are those is a vine sensation that everybody says when somebody's shoe game is weak
Guy 1: i got one question
Guy 2: ?
by xxxTUCKERxxx∞∞ January 23, 2016
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A stupid ass saying made up on vine but I most likely use it when I see crocks on a person's feet.
1; what are those?!?
2; those are my crocs.
by Bribri11 October 2, 2015
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This is what you say/scream when you see someone wearing shoes or other footwear that are dirty and/or non-brand unknown. You should also point your finger in the air then while saying "what are those?!" Make your way down to the person shoes, all while their back is turned.
*boy sees dirty non-branded shoes*

Boy: What Are Those?!

Crowd: *laughs*

Person with ugly shoes: huh? (Unaware of what just happened, so they laugh)
by JOHNxRYAN95 October 2, 2011
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This is a phrase commonly used by teens all over American and Canadian cities. It is used to refer to the awkwardness of someones clothing. Most of the time, it is used to refer to a bad shoe choice.
Lisa: where did u get your shoes from

Dave : I got my shoes from Nike
Jenna: got mine from just fab
* turns to Carl*
Lisa: What are those?! (Points to Carl's beat up loafers)
by AnimeLova123 January 27, 2016
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A saying derived from a viral Vine Video where a man sees a cop with off-brand shoes and screams out "What are Those!?" . Now it is used when ever someone has odd looking, off brand, or fake shoes. Also the video inspired many other videos and even an App that has a button that uses the audio from the video and says "What are those!?" when pressed - www.amazon.c o m/ iDesign-DC-What-Those-Button/dp/B010W4W60K
Bobby came to school with some fake Jordans and the Jumpman Logo was all wrong...... His friend James waited until recess and in the middle of a crowd pointed at his shoes and screamed "What are those?! "
by davatl93 January 6, 2016
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an exclamation shouted by social media users everywhere when referring to someone without "shoe game". originated as a vine, and can sometimes be funny, but lots of lame people don't say it with enough force and end up looking extremely awkward.
kid: "mom, I got one question for you."
mom: "oh alrigh-"
kid: "what are those? ." *points to moms loafers*
by Medium Salsa July 16, 2015
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