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Outward curvature of the legs at the knees.

Also bandy-legged
That "what's his face" off CSI is so bow-legged, he couldn't stop a pig in a passage
by Our-Man-In-Nantucket January 29, 2004
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The semicircular shape a female's legs are left in after receving an extraordinary dicking
Dude 1: so dude what happened with that chick last night?
Dude 2: I left her so bowlegged she cant walk in a straight line
Dude 1: sweet
by santiago nonuts August 06, 2010
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Defines those that walk around with their balls in parenthese.
Wow! That dude sure is bowlegged. His knees curve outward further than his shoulders are wide!

Tendency to swagger when walking is caused by bowed legs!
by gewamo August 21, 2006
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What you call people with knees over 8 inches apart.
1st. Person: "Hark! What manner men are these, that walk around with their balls in parenthese?"
2nd. Person: "Those are bowlegged men for sure!"

3rd Person: "Oh wow! I slept with a bowlegged female last night! It was great! No boney knees in the way!

4th Person: "Bowlegged folks wobble, swagger, and hootie-scoot when they walk."
by gewamo September 12, 2006
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Person 1: You know, who's bow-legged?
Person 2: No, who?
Person 1: Jensen Ackles
Person 3: But he's hot
Person 2: Yes
by tricksterka October 24, 2019
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Hoe. brasen hussy. fertal loins
on Maury Povich.
Guy: It ain't my baby.
Maury: why not?
Guy: She bowlegged.
by johnnyrotten October 23, 2007
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