Outward curvature of the legs at the knees.

Also bandy-legged
That "what's his face" off CSI is so bow-legged, he couldn't stop a pig in a passage
by Our-Man-In-Nantucket January 29, 2004
Person 1: You know, who's bow-legged?
Person 2: No, who?
Person 1: Jensen Ackles
Person 3: But he's hot
Person 2: Yes
by tricksterka October 24, 2019
it is a walk to try and keep your arse cheeks apart while suffering from arse rash also caused by anal penetration
Dude that blokes got bow leg i bet hes suffering from arse rash
by Robj2502 June 24, 2007
An office employee who does nothing but sit all day and make grunts and groans. A smelly person who gets off their ass so infrequently they walk funny.
Good god that guy walks like an idiot.

Well I wish he would stay sitting down he wreeks but I can only smell it when he stands up. He needs to get washed with a damned fire hose. He is a damn bow legged swamp donkey.
by Come on meow November 28, 2014
George W. Bush is hands down a bow legged swamp donkey from has shamed our nation.
by MindyJ September 2, 2006
When you're walking and your ankle gives in and makes you feel embarrassed and awkward .given the shape of one leg being bent (bow) and the other one straight (arrow)
" my biggest fear is doing a bow and arrow leg when I walk down the aisle "
by Tink.ink April 28, 2021