all the shoes you own, your shoe wardrobe, used when comparing the type and amount of shoes you have against another person.
My shoe game is sick i got custom air max 95, jordans 8, brown clarks, construction tims, shell toe addias, durango boots, and some imported air force ones.
by bert b January 4, 2008
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your shoes are always fly aka fleet
my shoes are on fleet named shoe game
by ddssa January 18, 2015
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That annoying kid that always yells shoe game because they force their parents at gunpoint to order expensive shoes and clothes. They also have an addiction to bringing tea to try to impress girls.
Random Kid: Whats up?
by MAd?MAd?MAd? March 11, 2018
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High Tops was produced by Skee Ball, Inc. in 0.

Skee Ball, Inc. released 19 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1980.

Other machines made by Skee Ball, Inc. during the time period High Tops was produced include Alley Hoops, Circus Hi Rise, Killer Beez, Operation Vortex 2000, and Skee Ball Classic.
Bob: I’m going to play the Rare Skee-Ball Hi-Top Shoe Basketball Arcade Game Today.
by Your bob September 2, 2022
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