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A bubble; an extremely planned community south of Atlanta, Georgia that is home to about 35,000 people, most of whom drive their golf carts on the 90+ miles of golf cart paths to stores and schools that have golf cart parking lots; a community full of Delta employees, especially overpayed pilots; a community full of Republicans
My cousin drives a golf cart to school; he lives in Peachtree City.
by a peachtree city girl December 02, 2004
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A community on the south metro side of Atlanta.. comprised of many delta pilots, good looking women, beautiful homes, and many good ole republicans.
Girl: So, where are you from?

Guy: I am from Peachtree City.

Girl: Ohh! That is tight! Want to blow down?

Guy: Definitely. Come to my mansion and I'll toot a gram off your hip bone.
by CountryClubRepublican February 24, 2011
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a planned out community, otherwise known as "the bubble" they say its so safe, to keep bad people out.. but it is really to keep people in. everything to do for fun is outside of peachtree city. since there is nothing to do, everyone just smokes weed and brags about it in school. there isn't much to do for teenagers other than ride to nowhere on a golfcart. the closest indoor mall is about an hour away, along with every other decent place to go. you can't get to the closest movie theatre by golf cart, so unless you have a car, you better get used to getting a ride from your parents until your old enough. there are some cool people here, considering many people from differenent places move here, but overall there are many fakes. they think they can make up for being like that by being obsessed with god. the cops here are also complete assholes, willing to give you a ticket, if they don't like your apperance. there so stuck up. along with many people here, especially the people in richer neighborhoods such as kendron.
person one: hey what do you want to do today?
person two: idk what do you want to do?
person one: idk theres nothing to do really..i guess i'll just pick you up on my gcart and get some weed along the way
person two: sounds good.. -sighs- darn peachtree city
by antipeachtree November 28, 2011
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A small town outside Atlanta that is predominantly "Christian".
People like to talk shit about others, but ignore them to their face. They also love to act like God fucking sat them on his lap and tells them all his wonderful up to date stories, while also telling others how to control their lives.

Everyone thinks someone out there actually gives a shit about what they do. no one cares if you got dumped after your 2-day relationship, and your life isn't over.

I don't bash the town I live in, but I think the people that sit in heritage and read the Bible for .0005 seconds need to shut the fuck up and actually read the other half. By no means do any of them know shit about what they actually support and they still try to control your life and parade God around like the BIBLE SAYS NOT TOO. You know, your far-fetched beliefs aren't far from anything else, and God hasn't made you a prophet of facebook either.
there are cool people though.
In Peachtree City,
"N!QQ@ I g0t dump333d t0day. !mm@ k!ll my$3lf."
wtf is your problem, move on.

"That kid is such a douche bag, no one likes him"
*Kid walks up* "what was that?"
*Silence from the pussy.*

"God is gonna be at our pool party guys!"
'He touched me while I swam <333
by lolololololol, April 27, 2011
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