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Jail. Prison. Correctional Facility. The Big House.
The term is derived from the fact that a high incidence of anal sex occurs in jail.
Man did you hear that Charles Barkley is gonna serve 3 days in the poke after his DUI in Arizona?
by Dewwy Burks March 17, 2009
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A contagious infection spread by the unprotected use of the Facebook Poke feature. Repeated poking only serves to aggravate the infection, often leading to secondary infections.

Symptoms include dryness of fingers, sensitivity of finger tips, cramping up of hands, index finger permanently placed in "poking position". Infection also generates a highly addictive and uncontrollable urge to poke others, thereby facilitating further spread.
"Jimmy poked that stranger and caught The Poke. The doctor told him it can't be treated."

"I told you not to poke that girl. She's known to poke guys loosely."
by tristanx May 11, 2010
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