A cholo slang of saying stabbed or shanked
Eyy ese u herd that some rata got poked on the 4th
by LordsideGee #babychristan July 26, 2019
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When someone with HIV pokes you with a needle that has their blood. Some even leave cards that say "You now have HIV". These people are usually at concerts mostly raves.
I think I got poked last night... I just got back from the doctor and I tested positive for HIV.
by Pat DVS June 11, 2008
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1: To have had "no strings attached sex".

2: when two platonic friends smash but it doesn't mean anything.

3: when two ex's are broken up but still fucking.
(Q): so did y'all hang out last night?

(A): Man we fuck'n poked & then I dipped out.
by Dimo Green February 23, 2020
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someone who is annoying as fuck and says phrases such as:

"i like pie," "poke-poke," "insert animal sound"
"Kim is actually just the biggest poke-poke ever, i can't stand hanging out with her for my than like 5 minutes because she is so annoying."
by rose97 February 09, 2012
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What my mom tells me not to be doing to any girls at the age of 15.
"Now Jake don't go around poking any girls"
by Jake May 02, 2004
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a slang term in reference to sexual intercourse; see also: bone
all my friends are dying to poke me.
by Evan June 25, 2002
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a bag or sack of sorts holding mistly goods.

The term is oft' used in Appalachian English in between-local-folk settings.
I got a poke of candy down at the corner store

You put the cat in the poke.

When I was a kid, I used to walk twenty miles to the store to bring a poke of flaer home.
by Regulus Pistor January 25, 2014
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