a form of greeting or agreement or congratulations in which one person wiggles their fingertips onto another person finger tips similar to a high five or any other form of hand on hand communication.
"gimmie finger tips on that home boy."
by Elizabeth Melton September 15, 2008
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FInger tipping is the perfect excuse to not let someone win. If you just want to be first place just tell them that they were finger tipping
"I saw you finger tipping so your disqualified," or, "NO! I saw you finger tipping! Your out!"
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Flowin your fingers from a girls ass right to her mouth. Rinse in the vag and repeat
I was chillin with my baby momma and her drama last night and I flow finger tipped all ova that biatch.
by Ikemay Anday December 30, 2009
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Let your man insert his finger tip into your vagina or let him use his finger tips to play with your clitourious
Girl.... when yo man licks you all down... I hope he lets you ride the finger tip tour.. cuz it's the best....
by Ceilinyoass April 28, 2017
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Struggling so hard to remember something or get something out of reach that even your fingers grow tips of fingers to remember.
What’s the name of that thing we had last night, it’s at the tip of my finger tips!
by INCYCShow March 6, 2022
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When you walk using the tips of your fingers.
"I tip-fingered across the room in order to make less noise"
by DicktionaryHarry January 19, 2019
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