Phrase used to politely decline to engage in discussion, with the implication that the original speaker is deliberately trying to upset you and/or posting flamebait.
"So what does everybody think of these illegals coming across the border?"

"I like pie."
by Crispini April 3, 2006
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the most over used "random phrase" since the beginning of time, or at least the beginning of the internet. it's now become expected and predictable.
person #1: i'm bored. how 'bout you?

person #2: i like pie...

person #1: -____- shutup..
by cheeznipzryummy January 19, 2009
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1. A distraction to interject into the middle of any conversation to direct attention to yourself.

2. A conversation starter in an awkward moment of meeting someone for the first time.

3. An internet phrase used to show how childish the user is.

4. An exclamation of how much you enjoy a layer cake with filling
I Like Pie
by Kille Joye September 13, 2010
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A cliche originating in the United States, it is most commonly used during a moment of silence, typically to lighten up the mood or just grab someone's attention (with total and utter randomness).
(Two people are sitting on the couch and not socializing with each other whatsoever.)

Person 1: I like pie!
Person 2: Me too.
by Cummy worm December 27, 2011
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A phrase used to express ones liking of pie.

Cos it's awesome.
Person #1: So, what food do you like?

Person #2: I LIKE PIE c:
by EMMA THE PIE EATER May 20, 2013
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Voicing support for these classic delicacies, flavor of chocolate, lemon, apple, strawberry, etc. Not pumpkin though; it kinda sucks.
"....I like pie."
by YINever March 11, 2005
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a phrase used to end an awkwad silence or an awkward moment that usually resuts in laughing nd people staring at the person who said it
three friends are sitting around hangin out. they were all having a discussion about what they did the week before and then... an awkward moment/silence occurs.
tom:i like sexy pie!!
matt:*laughing... gives tom a look of confusion*
tammy*laughing... also gives tom a look of confusion but asks tom...* what the heel does that mean? what is sexy pie? and what does it have to do with anything?
tom: i dont know... i just thought somethin needed to be said to break our silence and and tension so i said what came to mind!!!
by liz the crazy monkey July 1, 2008
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