One of the worst ages of being a teenager. You are in the middle and you wind up with the most problems that age. You are too young to drive without an adult, cannot go to the prom, and get a part time job like real teenagers. Your head is up your ass and one day you are still a kid watching cartoons and another day you'll like to have sex. This is also the age when most teen problems occur such as anorexia and cutting.
Bob: I am 15... what a crappy age. Only a few months until I turn 16, I can't wait.
by Lil Duff 2008 July 26, 2008
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An age in a person's life when they aren't a kid, an adult or even a preteen but a teenager.
I'm only a teenager and I'm only 15!
by SakuraSaku June 28, 2007
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A '15' (pronounced 'quince' keen-seh) or a 'Quinceañera' is the milestone birthday party that Mexican girls and their families throw in honor of the big one-five. It symbolizes a girl becoming a woman.
And let's be honest, it's also an excuse to throw a huge ass party, because we Mexicans love throwing big parties.
I have a 15 tonight. I'm so excited to go!
by Demoman925 July 30, 2011
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As seen on How I Met Your Mother, used in reference to your cards in a game of blackjack, but about the bang-ability rating of a girl. In blackjack, a player says "hit" if he wants another card. Trying not to go over 21, 15 can be a bad hand, because the blackjack player isn't sure if he wants to hit or not.
"Man, did you see that girl that just walked by, she was fine"
"Ya, I guess. She was a 15"
"'Cus I am not sure if I would hit that or not"
by Other Than That April 10, 2007
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Any girl under eighteen who lies about her age. Closley related to the term jailbait but more devious.
Jake went out with a total 15 last night he found out this morning when the cops showed up .
by Zeroklk December 7, 2004
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I still can't figure you out
You're the kind that drives me mad
Are you here looking for love
Or do you love being looked at?
by 051818>0702 January 25, 2022
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Number 15: Burger King foot lettuce
The last thing you want in your Burger King burger is somebody else’s foot fungus.
by jay95.exe November 16, 2019
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