Oohhh aye, 'at lass is pure gantin.
by JrnymnNate January 24, 2003
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Are you coming with us tonight ? Aye ,get you in the pub at 8 o,clock
by kerdo1888 May 31, 2015
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a scottish or north eastern english way of saying 'yes'.
scottish and Geordie people mostly say 'aye'
Dude:Are you guys coming out?
Geordie/Scottish Dude: Aye, man of course, like.
Other dude: Yeah mate.
by hananananaah January 17, 2006
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A word used to get someone’s attention, or to reiterate what you said so someone can understand you better if they didn’t hear you the first time. “Aye” is often used in slang or with attitude in everyday speech, for example “Aye Morgan! Aye! You awake dumby?”
“we doing an all nighter then?” - Mckenzie asked

*Shane had no response*

“aye! i said are we doing an all nighter or what?” - Mckenzie shouted
by pseudonymfindingdory January 3, 2022
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Definition of aye.
aye is a word that either stands for "hi" or "what's up". example: "aye dude", when something exciting happens. example: "aye! im excited to go to disney world!" or, something alot of rappers say in their songs to test the mic.
by OnlyNRealSK10MLGPro September 2, 2019
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Yes yes, meaning answering yes to a question
aye he is here in the house
by Kevin Dazza March 1, 2006
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it is a new zealand expression used to confirm the statements.. just like "isn't it?"... "tag questions"
the movie was cool, aye?
by ab just ab August 15, 2005
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