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What my mom tells me not to be doing to any girls at the age of 15.
"Now Jake don't go around poking any girls"
by Jake May 02, 2004
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in northern ireland poke is another word for ice cream on a cone. so if offered a poke u are not being offered sex!
if you hear the term "pokie" this refers to the seller of the ice cream. usually in a van or other mobile stall.
"fancy a poke" "aye go on!"

"who wants a poke"
by 182appleshampoo April 21, 2009
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a gesture on the online community of Facebook that is sure to leave the recipient utterly baffled.
Charlotte Just gave me a poke man...

Does that mean she wants to bang you?
I dunno...
Does she want to be friends with you?
I dunno...
Isn't that kinda of annoying?
I guess...
What does poke mean anyways?
I dunno....
by Bradmley Reeser November 27, 2009
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I poked her doggie style...He poked me all night long...Jim Poked that hot girl
by Basil August 23, 2004
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A type of Ecstasy pill typically shaped like a Pokeball.
1.Hey man, i know who is on D with those purple pokes.

2.I was rolling so hard on those pokes last night!
by P00K May 26, 2010
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1. n. The Facebook's outreach to passively-aggressive suitors, stalkers, and lushes. comes in the form of an announcement of itself on your Home page. See poke back and hide poke.

2 v. to perform the process of sending a poke.
"Well, Jim, Jack, and Johnny, who needs a poke tonight?"

"Ugh! Someone from a state school poked me!"
by Fadonk August 19, 2005
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