When you're making out and your boner pokes your girl or boy if you're into that.
I was poking my girl when we we're making out
by Awesome_Justin May 13, 2017
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When someone keeps referring to your faults while you're trying to or inticing accomplish something or even when you're just doing you. Someone who tries to make your flaws or bad habits evident in attempt to embarrass or bring you down. This doesn't have to be done deliberately but typically is and usually brings the "pokey" to contemplate what the "poker" is criticizing aka poking
1) When you begin to clean your room and your mom walks by and starts poking at how you vacuum or the way you fold your clothes. like bitch please I don't see you coming in here to help. Match up my socks or keep it movin

2) When you order a fatty burger and your boyfriend orders a salad - he will most likely start poking at your eating choices and habits. DO NOT listen to that bullshit. You are a woman not a rabbit. Top of the food chain - you best order the rarest cow with extra cheese and devour that bitch like it's your last meal. FUCK THE POKERS
by Luminati February 27, 2017
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adj. Being in a state of having to poop imminently, but not necessarily urgently. In other words, when you can feel a turd trying to poke its way out your butt hole.
Hey, can we pause the game for a few minutes? I'm poking.
by MmmVomit April 16, 2014
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someone who is annoying as fuck and says phrases such as:

"i like pie," "poke-poke," "insert animal sound"
"Kim is actually just the biggest poke-poke ever, i can't stand hanging out with her for my than like 5 minutes because she is so annoying."
by rose97 February 10, 2012
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What my mom tells me not to be doing to any girls at the age of 15.
"Now Jake don't go around poking any girls"
by Jake May 3, 2004
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a slang term in reference to sexual intercourse; see also: bone
all my friends are dying to poke me.
by Evan June 26, 2002
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