when a person see'sa girl who looks good. they grab their nutz and hold up the number of times that u would fuck the gurl rated on her hottness
ey swazye, look at that gurl over there..... damn(grabs nutz) three times....no no no no wait 5 times! lol
by iceman92 October 24, 2007
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A step up from two-timing.

A person who's seeing three people all at once, whether it's doing the dirty or just a make-out fest.
Person#1: You think she's a hoe. See that bitch over there, she's three-timing her boyfriend and the poor dude doesn't suspect a thing.

Person#2: So she's going out with him... And another guy and another one.

Person#1: Exactly
by Wild-eyes September 07, 2010
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1. A variant of the all-too-popular expletive "Bitch". Typically screamed in highly frustrating and tedious situations.

2. An individual who is so pissy that bitch doesn't describe him/her correctly. The name "three times bitch" is necessary.

Origin: Triple Bitch
Example 1: Halo game
Noob: "I just got sniped again! A three times bitch!"

Example 2: School
Brian: "We have a project due tomorrow? A three times bitch!"

Example 3:
D.A.: "Adam is such a three times bitch on Call of Duty. All he does is whine."
by strongsauce March 11, 2009
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When you fuck a girl in her ass, pussy, and mouth, all in one night.
Once I missed her pussy (on purpose) and slipped it in her ass I might as well make Amandalee three times a lady...so I finished off by sticking it in her mouth.
by The Physician January 04, 2007
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If a bitch grabs your cock three or more times, everything else after that is fair game.
Floyd: "Brandi, you wanna fuck again?"

Brandi: "You took advantage of me!"

Floyd: "Remember the three time rule?"

Brandi: "What?"

Floyd: "If you grab my dick more than than three times, you better watch yo ass, bitch!"
by Action Playa June 11, 2008
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