A person who is very caring, sweet, and loyal.

They probably have a lot of drama in their life, but they deal with it pretty well. They aren't good at opening up about things, so don't feel bad if they don't tell you everything at first. They do trust a small circle of friends, however, and they tell them everything.

If you're dating a Jake then be prepared for surprises and lots of PDA. They can be very clingy at times, and they can get jealous easily. When you're alone you guys have a lot of fun.. ;) Feel really lucky that you're dating them, because they like a couple of people. But, they chose you over everyone.

Everyone likes them because they're very fun and easy-going. You'll never have a dull moment with them.

this is based off my personal experience.. please don't come at me- also, all the jakes out there pls tell me if this is even close to you:)
Guy/Gal/Non-Binary Pal 1: Are you friends with Jake?
Guy/Gal/Non-Binary Pal 2: Yea! I'm so lucky.
by heybebs:) April 4, 2021
Your local drug dealer who could beat your homies in fortnite
Jake hooked us up with the good shit
by Asdfghwjdnfbsbdbsbnengnd July 3, 2019
Jake is the ultimate Curry maker. Respect level 100
Jake makes the best curry man!!!!
by Curry King 123 February 12, 2021
The most badass mother fucking badass ever to live men tend to spontaneously explode when they gaze apon him. Many say the big bang was god but no it was Jake and his clap. He is not a man buy a god so bow bitch.
by Valos Phoeinx January 12, 2018
The dog on Advednture Time!
JAKE! Use your stretchy power to wrap up that monster!
by zeroto1hundred August 12, 2014