To take a knife, and poke something with it until they stop moving.
Woah, did you see him stab that guy? What a mess.
by Uller June 25, 2005
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(verb) To puncture one’s skin or another’s skin with a hypodermic needle in an attempt to inject drugs into the body. Though not universal in its use the word is oftentimes used when the stabber is having some frustration from the process (I.e. not hitting a vein).
The first time Nikki’s FuckDoll asked for him to inject her with dope he pussyied out and shortly thereafter ran to be with his then girlfriend. After much time and regret the opportunity again showed itself to Nikki. This time however he stabbed her first time in……now when ever those two are hanging out not only does he stab her in the veins but she welcomes him inside her and demands he stab her in her warm, wet, and welcoming honey-hole, which usually turns into an all night Sex marathon of…..everything.
by Nikki Stixx November 25, 2022
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To use one's bonafied penis as a knife and pelvic thrust it into objects of affection.
Man Kyle Gibney is stabbing the hell out of that bowling ball.
by Lukey May 23, 2003
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DJ technique - the result is a "hit" sound. It works best with a brass chord sample.

In parallel he bumps the record forward and opens the crossfader for a split second, which sounds like a short hard note.
Old school DJs will use a lot of stabs to give some punch to the 808 beats.
by TreeWeezel November 18, 2011
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To insert and remove a penis and/or any other object from a female vagina repeatedly in a fairy quick fashion over and over as if being "stabbed" with a knife or other sharp object multiple tines in rapid succession.
"Stab me with your cock!"

"She wanted me to stab her so I stuffed my dick up her pussy and quickly removed it and kept doing so until I busted a fat nut up in her cunt and made her pregnant."
by IceWarm February 5, 2006
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man, i heard barrett stabbed that girl last night
by eifiliffy April 5, 2004
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referring to things or events that are overly cool or awesome.
Dude, that concert was freakin' stab as hell.
by jewboyd August 13, 2007
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