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A number soccer fans dial when their team had lost again and they don’t know what to do next—often before they resort to acts of hooliganism or vandalism to get over the loss.
The police warned local fans that calling 999 to vent out their anger or frustration is a waste of their time and resources—they’d be fined if they don’t stop their pranks.
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by MathPlus November 20, 2017
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The number for the emergency services i.e the police, A&E, fire service.
Often pranked from public telephones by children and adults alike for a quick laugh at someone elses expence.
Also often used for the wrong reasons like 999 was dialed because someones curry was too hot.
-Hey Bill whats the number for 999?!?
-I don't know Bob what is the number for 999?!?
by LazyBoy December 02, 2004
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Some think that 999 is the true number of the beast because john of the bible dreamed the numbers 666 according to the book of revelations but numbers are dreamt upside down.
awake : 666 = 666

asleep: 666 = 999
by Brick2010 April 22, 2008
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buy the domain for your recipe vlog
state of mind be an angel in heaven
heart body and soul,in daze,in love
999 I can denier, can't lie
by unlock January 02, 2011
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(pronoun) a band based in England, of early punk roots in the seventies.
He went to the 999 and Chelsea show last night.
by Darby Crash October 27, 2003
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Almost one hundred percent positive; however still leaving slight room for error.
Guy: You were pretty drunk last night. Did you eat the last frozen pizza?

Roommate: No.

Guy: You sure?

Roommate: (Shrugs) 99.9 anyway
by Ventghal February 27, 2008
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