-when you get with someone and they quit talking to you afterwards
Raquel- "I got with this guy a couple days ago but he hasn't talked to me since."
Shanda= Girl you just gon let him play you to the left like that?"
by bubblicious69 January 15, 2009
Hit it and quit.. Basically when a person decides to have sex with you and they will leave you hanging
Look man I feel like we are distancing off from each other after we had sex.. At least I didn't left you hanging
by Lele V February 12, 2015
being ditched by your friends to hang out with each other. normally it's done behind your back.
Ashley- wht didn't you show up last night?
Sam- oh I left you in the dust and hung out with Elizabeth.....
by klawww October 6, 2015
An act of one insulting another who is acting in a certain way.
“I support EDP445 because he did nothing wrong”
Timothy this is why your dad left you
by Meow Meow your adopted January 15, 2023
When something is so freaking awesome that you can’t even find the right words to express it.

Originating on the fanfiction website Archive of Our Own/AO3, “You have already left kudos here. :)” is the message that appears when a registered user tries to leave an additional kudos on someone’s work, despite the one-kudos-per-work limit.
“This song?!? Is?!?? I have already left kudos here?!!???”

“When you try to leave kudos but you have already left kudos here

“Aahafidjs this drawing is beautiful oml thank u, have I already left kudos here because,,,,,”
by KaiLofi March 14, 2021
A poo poo who will never come back for the milk after i was born he left me and my 69 brothers they do 420 poos each day
Dad Who Left You is fun to play with "Fun to play with"
by dfjawevvwjrs December 2, 2021