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Archipelago of man-made islands off of Dubai in the Persian Gulf. When completed in 2008, they will look like a mosiac of the planet composed entirely of these said islands. On these islands, there will be multi-million dollar beach houses that will make south beach look like a trailer park. Moguls like Sir Richard Branson have already grabbed most of them up.
When you visit Dubai, don't forget to pass by the world!!
by W.C.'s own July 1, 2006
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Northern part of Tampa, sandwiched between Tampa Palms and the Pasco County line. Very affluent and clean area. Not much to do except for Starbucks and Muvico, but a great place to live and hang out.
I live in Live Oak and always wind up at Wal-Mart or something. Not much to do here per-se, but it's a great place to live nonetheless. New Tampa is tight!
by W.C.'s own July 15, 2006
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Man-made islands in the Persian Gulf located right off of Dubai. There are three different chains of the Palms: Jebel Ali, Jumeirah, and Deira. When completed, they will house luxury hotels, beacfront houses, and water parks. Deira is the largest of the chains. Upon completion, they will be the only man-made structure visible from space, besides the Great Wall of China.
By the year 2015, space toruism will be a reality. I will give those people a bon voyage and remind them to look for the Palm Islands off of Dubai.
by W.C.'s own July 1, 2006
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Large corporate bookstore that are frequently seen in Suburban areas. Very similar to Barnes and Noble. They have all sorts of books, cd's, accessories, and a cafe with some great food. The atmosphere tends to be very liberal, and a huge bloc of clientel/staff are college students.
I went to Borders not for the books, but to eat at the cafe... damn good sandwiches!
by W.C.'s own July 12, 2006
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Beautiful City located in the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf. Currently, they have the world's largest indoor ski facility, third largest mall, some of the world's most beautiful architecture, tallest/best hotel on earth Burj al Arab hotel, and way more. Basically, the city went from desert to world city in 7 years, from 1999 to present day 2006. By 2008, they will have the world's largest: Theme park, tallest building (Burj Dubai), Mall. Also by 2008, they will have the world's only UNDERWATER hotel. In short, this city is amazing, regardless of the bias against the region.
I'm doing my Anthropology paper on the city of Dubai. There is nothing like it; it went from desert to world city in under 10 years!!
by W.C.'s own July 1, 2006
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Italian liqueur, of the Amaretto persuasion. Tastes great, sweet but still very strong. Best when on the rocks or with Coke.
Disaronno is some good ish... it is sweet and only 56 proof but it will get you drunk, make no mistake!
by W.C.'s own July 12, 2006
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