Term/insult used when acknowledging a group of people who you think are beneath you.
Guy 1: "I deserve an apology."
Guy 2: "For what?"
Guy 1: "For what you said back there while eating your ice cream like a fucking king. That was an ethnic slur you said, 'You people'. Am I beneath you?"
Guy 2: "*pause for effect* Definitely. You motherfucking low-class cocksucker."
by megust654 July 20, 2020
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a word reffering to people or pearsons 1+ one or more people

or a form of slang reffering to a group or nationality
you's people is driving me nutz

you's people is invading my privacy

look what you's people did to my car
by LOUWEEPSC05-06 January 19, 2011
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What Uncle Arthur of TV Show BEWITCHED (starring Elizabeth Montgomery) asked Darren's side of the family. Uncle Arthur played by Paul Lynde was a Warlock where as Darren (Dick York) and the members of the Stephens family were mortal. They easily fainted, became defensive, showed emotion and affirmed bias. Samantha's family members were each Centuries old, thus sophisticated. This advantage had them versed from world travel, languages of the tongue & the ages and accessibility to alternate astro-planes.
I just changed your purse into its original animal . What's so unusual about that ? No need to become so reactionary. Who are you people anyway?
by David October 20, 2015
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You is the plural pronoun of the word Ye. People is the plural form of person. You people refers to a group of more than one person.
You people need to learn proper word use and definitions!
by dafdadf February 21, 2016
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A term to refer to a multiple group of people regardless of race.
Guy 1: What is wrong with you people!
Guy 2: You people!? What do you mean "you people!?" Are you racist!?
Guy 1: I'm talking about your danged family not your danged race, you buffoon!
Guy 2: Coon?! Did you just call me a coon!?
by That'sNotRacistYouBuffoon December 23, 2009
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While the phrase has long been used as an interpersonal generalization, it has become known as a racial epithet targeted to blacks only recently. The earliest documentation of this meaning that I can find is from 1992, when presidential candidate Ross Perot was chided for telling an NAACP audience about financial hardships befalling "your people."
Willie Clark, president of the N.A.A.C.P. branch in San Bernadino, Calif., said the overall tone of Mr. Perot's remarks and particularly his use of the phrase "your people" reflected how culturally out of touch he was with his audience.

"When he said 'you people' or 'your people,' it was like waving a red flag in front of a bull," he said. "It's something white folks have used when they don't want to call you nigger, but they don't want to treat you like an equal."

-- New York Times: July 12, 1992
by Horse Sport August 9, 2009
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refering to others that are not of your race.
The meaning of You People!"Right You People, follow me." "Wait what do you mean by You People?"
by AHHG July 26, 2008
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