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There are various degrees of being a Charva. It is not as clean cut as some may have you think.

Here are my gradings 1 - 5, 1 Being Least Charva’ish and 5 being fully blown Charva, Stripey Jumper and All.

1. Wears expensive Rockport Boots and Stripey Jumpers. Does this because alot of other people he knows where these things. I personally know people at this grade, they are very down to earth and only occasionally wear the Charva uniform.

2. Above with the addition of a modified Geordie accent. This accent modification is very well documented in other posts on this page.

3. As above who hangs about in groups of other charvas. This is an important stage, this is where a Charva borders on becoming intrusive, arrogant, and to be blunt, a bit of a waste of space. They also wear a Burburry cap which is very carefully worn at 45 degrees, the practical function of this is still under investigation.

4. As above including, the Charva will have a very bad attitute to anything that he or she doesn’t like or understand, they will have a chip on the shoulder attitude. This type of Charva is very arrogant and doesn’t really care about anything but him or herself

5. As above….They are the roughest people you could possibly come across, they beg on the streets for money which they need to feed their drink and drug habits. The females have lots of scrunches in their hair, usually have a ridiculous fringe, wear bright colloured leggings and tend not to have much dress sense at all.

Charva`s have changed their dress code somewhat in the last 5 years. They used to wear Kappa tracksuits with a vast array of ski jackets, this has moved on to any sort of top that has horizontal stripes, (polo shirt and jumpers are a favorite). Rockport or rockport look-alike boots are also worn. Jeans are usually worn however some charvas prefer tracksuit bottoms (usually worn only by the poorer charvas).

The modern Charva name was associated with people from Newcastle, however, they can be seen on many streets throughout the UK, with very similar dress sense and attitude, however as you can imagine, their accent and slang differs from city to city.
I once heard one charva in a college corridor saying

"Whaa, its purley belta freezin the day hew"
by george November 28, 2003
the act of stealing a thirty pack of beer from a store.
guy: man I am broke and thirsty.
dude: well, lets go pull a chischilly
by george January 21, 2005
guy: look at the guy he is huge.
dude: yeah he is such a fatty fat fat fatterton.
by george January 21, 2005
the bitch train is when a person is to obsessed with either his chick, chicks, or just plain old pussy.
guy: what is up with lamont?
dude: oh he is trying to get some.
guy: oh so he is riding the old bitch train.
by george January 21, 2005
Poo, crap, shite, faeces, excrement.
"Cor, len's just done a huge kank!"
by george September 30, 2003
A very degrading insult. Slang for human seman shot on a wall.
"That dude robbie is such a f**king wall shot, man."
by george February 16, 2005
when a girl or a homosexual fucks up your day.
damn, that bitch ass hoe gave me a scene.
by george March 13, 2005