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the badest mother fucker ever. recently made into a movie, which kicked so much ass.
Joe,Bob,Mike,Lindsey, and Ben saw the punisher; the exploding cars scene made mike go into convulsions because it was so badass.
by Joe April 27, 2004
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The Punisher is the best vigilante and Marvel comic character. He doesn't have super powers, so he relies on his combat skills. He kills criminals because they killed his family.

There are many authors and artists of the comics because they've gone on for so long. Some have a typical comic book style, others are very realistic.

The Punisher uses a large variety of weapons. He is especially known for the M60, M16A1, and Colt 1911. This is most likely because he used them during Vietnam. He has used almost every weapon imaginable.

There are two movies based on The Punisher. The 1989 version had almost nothing to do with the comic book character. The 2004 version, starring Tom Jane, was much better although the timeline and setting were different from the comics due to cost reasons and to make it fit today's audience. It uses many elements from the whole 30 year run of the comic books. The movie tells the story of how Frank Castle became The Punisher. A sequel may come out by 2007.

There is also a video game adaptation. It bears some similarity to the 2004 movie because of the neighbors, The Russian, and a few other things. However, it is more similar to the Welcome Back, Frank series, which the movie got those things from.

The Punisher is more of an anti-hero than a super hero because he kills his enemies, which is not typical of superheros, and of course that he doesn't have superpowers.
The Punisher just killed Ma Gnucci!
by F. Castle December 01, 2006
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If you're guilty, you're dead.
The Punisher was one of Marvel Comic's cool characters. Bloodthirsty vigilantes kick ass.
by yup August 24, 2003
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Frank Castle. A Vietnam vet who, along with his family, was gunned down during a picnic in Central Park in the middle of a mob hit shortly after the war. However, while his entire family died violently, Castle survived. Since that day, he has dedicated his life to killing any and all criminals that he comes across. He especially targets the mafia. Contrary to popular belief, he doesn't necesarilly kill criminals to protect the public, he does it simply because he hates them.

He has been adapted into three different movies. The first two of which were forgettable. The third however, contrary to what some dipshit movie critics think, kicks major ass!!!
That mass murderer was starting to get cocky and arrogant after getting off with that technicality, until the Punisher shoved that frag grenade down his throat!

I don't give a shit what Roger Ebert says, The Punisher: Warzone kicked serious ass!!!

Ray Stevenson plays one badass motherfucking Punisher!!!
by DevilbytheDeed December 10, 2008
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The is a name of a girl who proceeds to ride you cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position. The then rides you for an extended period of time until she rides too high and exposes your penis. Then with the power of Zeus she thrusts down on your penis, not knowing that it is not in her vagina. This either breaks or crushes the man's penis.
Boy: "fuck, what the hell were you thinking?!"

Girl: "what?"

Boy: "did you really not feel your ass crushing my dick?!"

Girl: "what?"

Alec: "I am getting the fuck out of here! You will never be The Punisher to another man again! Mark my words!"
by TEXASAROB March 19, 2011
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