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Being healthy, having a rosy glow
She looked so well, she was "in the pink"
by Bee Bee February 27, 2005
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In good health. In the 1500s pink meant "the embodiment of perfection," but the current idiom dates only from about 1900.

Also a very poignant poem by Seigfried Sassoon.
It's good to hear that Jim's in the pink again, considering how sick he was yesterday.
by Zain D. July 08, 2004
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A reference to a woman's genitalia (indicative of the pink flesh, of course), specifically referring to intercourse or penetration.
Sally: "So what happened with Jake last night?"
Veronica: "He was in the pink, and it was good."
Bill: "You put the cucumber WHERE?"
Tom: "In the pink."
by sorcha September 28, 2004
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