gun, weapon with which to do bodily harm. see also peacemaker
Don't make me go to the trunk and grab the heater
by Dee December 28, 2005
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A fastball in baseball lingo. It can also be used to describe a singular movement of increased intensity that is designed to bewilder another person.
Originally from the movie The Bad News Bears.
"Give'em the Heater Ricky!"
by J Dubya December 29, 2005
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To shove, forcefully, a fully-engorged penis into someone's rectum. Without lube and without warning. Causing a sharp rise in pulse, blood pressure, and sweat.
Guy A: "Bro, did you ever tag that Emily bitch?"
Guy B: "Please. Dude, I fucking ran 'the heater' on her."
by Bill December 15, 2004
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In baseball, the fastball pitch. At the major league level, the heater generally travels to the batter a speed of 95 mph or more.
Already ahead 0 balls and 2 strikes, Randy Johnson threw the heater to complete the strikeout.
by DeJuan December 16, 2004
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to fart in someones face while they are giving you a blow job. can be done as an accident or to degrade someone.
yo that bj felt so good i gave her the heater
by brew_d October 1, 2009
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when you fart with your butt-cheeks clenched.
He sat on her face and gave her the heater.
by jeff December 31, 2005
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