During a lapdance when a stripper places her mouth on your penis ontop of the pants and exhales, in turn causing a warm sensation in your crotch.
"How was your dance?"

"Awesome, the whore gave me a heater!"
by Evan Weber June 12, 2008
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An extreme hot streak in a poker game or casino game. To become very hot in some form of gambling, profit, or accomplishment. To be at the top of your game.
I was down to my last 20 dollars in the slot machine and then I went on a heater. I was on a heater last night at the craps table, I made a lot of money!
by jdubbbb247 March 8, 2010
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A firearm- Usually a handgun or revolver. This term came from the 30's mafia/gangster times. When continually fired, the barrel would get very warm- hence the name heater.
"Before we go out tonight, do you got your heater?"
Don't mess with her, she's got a heater.
by g-dog adt March 12, 2011
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A heater should be interjected into any form of speech. You can be on a heater. You can be heatering. You can be sending heaters. You can be a heater. When you are on a heater, you will know, and anybody that isn't on a heater won't understand. If you spend enough time around the same people though, they will start to get it and join the clan of Heater Wan Kenobis. When you go to the mountain to shred, you will instantly be able to tell which people are on a heater because they will be sending the biggest heaters. When you go to the bar, you will be searching for some heaters to bring home with you. When you get in a grueling beer pong match, the heaters will start heating up before their first toss. Being on a heater isn't a fad, it's a way of life and the only way to reach true enlightenment.

"Wake up and live life on a heater"
-Bob Marley
Sneds is on a fuckin heater.
That dude thinks he's on a heater but he isn't.
Hey, gimme that heater real quick.
by Heaterwankenobi March 9, 2022
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Like a banger only deeper!
That new Tchami song is such a heater.
Yea I know right its so deep I need a submarine.
by estevez17 February 18, 2015
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means gun. usually a 9mm or anyother pistol. mad popular by book "native son"
let me pull out my heater and roll on these bustas
by carribean saint January 12, 2005
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