Asking tag that to another guy means, when you see a girl walk by, you yell "tag that?" The guy then answers by saying yes or no. This is asking the question would u hit, fuck that girl! Used by home depot employees when fine customers walk by. This disguises that they are perverts
Cedric: Tag that?
Mike: na she ugly
Jason: i would
by brad_d November 8, 2006
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Somewhat graphiti. A way of signing your name anonomously. Sometimes people use random words, like Splat, or also symbols.
Hey man, me and Elliot went tagging last night, why didn't you show.
by Aminf April 3, 2007
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An intense game that involves several people. The one who is "it" chases the other and touches them to transfer the "it" disease. THIS IS A GAME THAT SHOULD ONLY BE PLAYED BY THE MANLIEST OF MEN.
John: Hey do you wanna play tag?
Tron: No, Fuck off!
by SocialSellout October 10, 2018
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A big pain in the ass. You need five of these things now, just to post a definition. Sometimes there just arent 5 relevant tags
Urban dictionary: Gimme 5 tags now!! *evil laugh*

Poor shepherd: "I dont want no trouble, mister. I just came to to submit a definition of gingham"
by Dope Slanger December 9, 2005
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A fighting term for getting hit with a good clean shot that isn't enough to get you KTFO but just enough to have you seeing stars.
Damn, that guy just got tagged with a big right hand. He's in huge trouble.
by wolf on the ground November 16, 2005
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Verb. To link a person to a picture or video on a social network.
"Should I tag you in this picture after I upload it on Facebook?"
by uhhmandy November 9, 2011
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Let's got o the club and find some girls to tag real quick.

Man you still haven't tagged Sarah yet?
by Larrew June 19, 2013
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