Slang term for something of big time, major, gigantic or huge proportions.
Hey baby, you got some major league hooters.
by JohnstonGuy June 21, 2005
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Joe: Ah man i gotta take a major league!
Andy: You gotta league it?
by lizzynicz May 29, 2009
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1) Totally blowing off/ignoring a team-mate or partner when they try to congratulate you on a nice play.

2) Completely blowing off/ignoring an acquaintance for no apparent reason when they perform some gesture of recognition towards you.
1) After picking up a nice block, Kyle Major Leagued Lee's attempt to high-five him on the way back to the sideline.

2) Me and Ashlee were talking and she called Sandy over. They talked for a few and Sandy started walking off. When I waved at her she kept going and didn't even make eye contact. Damn... Major Leaguing me like that.
by Do0b1uS March 10, 2011
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The so-called "professional sport" - but really just a lucrative hobby - that does not require any sort of physical fitness. Many who play are known to cheat by juicing, which leads to the ridiculous paradox of overly muscular guys covered by a layer of blubber. Often these players' heads are disproportionately big, rendering bobbleheads rather lifelike. Some defend the hobby by pointing out its cerebral strategic aspects and comparing it to chess, ignoring of course that unlike obeseball, chess players are often in decent shape and don't require other people to decide their every move.
Man I'm counting down the days to the end of Major League Obeseball so SportsCenter can concentrate on real sports.
by SHLA October 8, 2013
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major league asshole one who is not only an asshole but has the qualification of being an absolute asshole
George w bush used the phrase during his first campaign for president there's Adam Clymer major league asshole from the new york times
by littlejimmie November 18, 2019
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MLKB is the first men's professional Major League Kickball league ever. Started and owned by FACKA (Frederick Adult Coed Kickball League) President Jason Mecler, MLKB leads off with 8 teams across the country, ( The Maryland Monarchs, Philadelphia Funk, New York Snappers, Chicago Kestrels, Phoenix Gilas, Akron Marauders, Los Angeles Threshers, and the DC Metros) and new teams on the way. Games will take place on professional softball fields. The traditional red ball has been replaced with a custom made, black, size 5 soccer "style" ball with treading and 9 men fielding. With an iphone, ipad and itouch app already out, real teams and major sponsorship, Major League Kickball is looking to take over as the next big professional sport.
Major League Kickball is coming soon to a city near you.
by alicat1616 October 26, 2010
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