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68 definitions by Dee

Slang term for getting your dick sucked.
See brain, head, sucking dick, dome
Boy: I got the beast from this girl on saturday.. she sucked my dick until the head almost fell off
by Dee July 1, 2004
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gun, weapon with which to do bodily harm. see also peacemaker
Don't make me go to the trunk and grab the heater
by Dee December 28, 2005
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Jack, Four suited in either diamonds or clubs.
I went all-in with the Nate and got a full house, Jacks over Fours.
by Dee July 29, 2005
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A reply to someone that is talking shite.
Scaaaaa-bbbbiiiiiillll ye spoofin cunt. Your ma's got dicktits! (Scabill is said while scratching ones chin!)
by Dee August 18, 2003
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Sceners are friendly people who discuss "the scene". An example, is where many go to chat and discuss scene related news.
by Dee August 20, 2003
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a big, fat, healthy poo
Shallow Al had to pinch off a stink pickle before he could hit it like a caveman.
by Dee March 9, 2004
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extra stuff attached to what you are saying...
hey i went to get some chips and suchness at the store
by Dee June 3, 2003
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