A hot, smelly gas bubble expelled from the anus, often silent and simultaneously causing a disgusting, panic causing, rotten-egg like aroma.
Man, What did I eat? I got the hot farts today, they smell like rotten eggs and have some serious hang time!
by Deaner Beaner October 25, 2006
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An expulsion of gas from the anus, usually occurring after eating spicy foods, which creates a warm, and sometimes wet sensation in the anal area, and can momentarily simulate the feeling that you just shat your pants a tiny bit. Hot farts will often produce a lingering, foul odor.
For a minute, I thought I had sharted, but then I realized that it was just a hot fart.”
by frootloops8 December 12, 2008
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The release of hot stink from the anus witch may cause some ring sting, the feeling of acid eating the inner lining of your shitta followed by the relaxing sensation of relief.
"I need to do a hot fart"
"aww that was a ring stinger but wat a relief, i think i need to do a runny hot shit"
"go squirt one out then"
"it feels like hell wants to come outta my ass hole, after this i'm gonna need to have a shower to wash the shitty acid outta my ring hole"
by sean the wise September 8, 2006
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when u have a hell of a lot more peanut butter than u r supposed to, you expel a warm, wet, potent fart
dude i just had a hot fary so u might want to clear out.
by Joe Blow March 13, 2004
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A common occurrence for pregnant women in the later trimester: when she believes she is passing gas and unknowingly discharges feces until the heat alerts her to what just happened.

A euphemism for pushing out feces when one believes they are simply passing gas.
Why didn't anyone warn me about the "hot farts" before I chose to get pregnant! I had to throw my underwear away in public, three times this week!
by plflz79 February 23, 2015
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Very flammable gaseous flatulent that burn on the way out of the anus. Very susceptible to knocking bystanders unconscious (aka very stinky). Common side effects are: Burning gooch hairs, feeling of anal ripping, and nostril desecration.
"Guys, I have the hot farts tonight."
"O Shit!"
"Get out da' fuckin car"
"Everybody stop, drop, and roll"
"It wont do any good"
"Suck it cheeseman"
by Willy_The_Pimp February 17, 2007
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A fart that causes a burning sensation around ones anus. This is usually due to an ingestion of spicy foods.
Man,I ate 14,000 hot peppers last nite and I've had the "hot farts" all day!
by Dickrock April 22, 2006
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