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A sharp looking car that runs great
by Bill February 8, 2005
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The ex-Cub factor has nothing to do with the play of ex-Cub. This phrase was invented by Ron Berler. The ex-Cub factor states that any team with three or more ex-Cubs will not win the world series. Many think it is an after effect of the Billy Goat curse, being that curse which prevents the Cubs from reaching the world series.
any team with three or more ex-cubs.
by Bill March 31, 2004
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A term Drill Instructors use when you look them in the eyes.An act which merits a good trashing
Recruit: *looks in the DI's eyes*


Recruit: No sir!

DI: *Punches the recruit in the gut*
by Bill March 20, 2006
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a very leet person.

excells above the rest
by Bill March 19, 2003
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OMG!! I pwn3d that n00bl4r faygrot!!!111
by Bill September 19, 2003
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A Canadian version of the english word "fuck". It was created by the candanians in the mid 1940's when they retreated from a World War 2 battle.
Fack! We're being shot at guy. Run budday!

What the fack are you doing?
by Bill April 22, 2004
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