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Another name for a bag of food from taco bell.
Go to taco bell and pick me up a rumble pack #3 with a pepsi.
by Bill April 25, 2004
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to chew enthusiastically
by Bill August 24, 2003
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by Bill September 23, 2003
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Known as a safe-haven for soccer-moms. Target is a company that loves to open up right across from Wal-Mart and attempt to undercut Wal-Mart's low-prices by selling high-class products that don't fall apart after their first use.
I am going to Target today because I need a television.
by Bill December 20, 2004
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A Canadian version of the english word "fuck". It was created by the candanians in the mid 1940's when they retreated from a World War 2 battle.
Fack! We're being shot at guy. Run budday!

What the fack are you doing?
by Bill April 22, 2004
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A place for whome people who drive novas meet!
by Bill October 19, 2003
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