Reduced by 1/10th (one-tenth), not, as commonly misused, totally wiped out, destroyed, annihilated.
The rodent population in New York City was decimated, down from ten million to only nine million.
by Monkey's Dad November 09, 2019
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a pornographic name for a penis, other names include, but are not limited to "rimsplitter, ramjam, buttripper, cornolio, rectum raider, best friend"
i have anal seepage, wow that boy is a decimator
i have a small tear in the flesh surrounding my anus, what a rimsplitter
by missmuffet September 19, 2005
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Term used to describe mind and body.Usually caused by some sort of drug or alcohol.
Man i was decimated after that party at X-caliber last nite.

Im decimated now. -_-
by Eckstahsee December 19, 2003
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An incorrectly overused word often heard when the speaker actually means to say "devastate", possibly due to the fact that the two words sound quite similar. Decimate means to reduce (by some portion), so it more accurately represents loss or attrition, especially in reference to a given population.
The Anthracnose fungus has decimated the regional White Oak population.
by Loveable Bastard October 13, 2013
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To decrease by 1/10, hence the prefix deci.
Aww, only 10%? At least I can say I was decimating that test.
by ManMan36 May 23, 2016
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To have extremely hardcore, brutal, rough and relentless sex in which the woman agree's to let you use her body for your pleasure in which any way you wish.

The act of decimating someone is usually called Decimation.
"I'm going over Claire's tonight."
"Oh yeh, you gonna decimate her?"
"Too right I am, going to be absolute decimation!"
by SteadyEddyMageddy April 14, 2011
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