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An informal, simplified spelling of night, attested from 1931. Recommended by spelling reformers such as the Simplified Spelling Board. Were used by the Chicago Tribune newspaper for many years. Now nite is mostly reserved for advertising.
I could dance all nite.
by niuZ March 18, 2015
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A shorted way of saying Good Night! Often used in friendly IRC channels
* puppet is tired
<puppet> nite all
<Kid> nite puppet :)
* puppet has quit IRC (Quit: ZZZzzzzZZz)
by SF April 12, 2004
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The way lazy-ass American's spell night.
American: Let's abolish the English language even more by spelling nite and other shit the way we want to spell it. We're Americans, so no one will question us. We have the nukes!

Not American: Fuck you.
by -Tazer- July 27, 2007
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