a big purple raisin floating around in space with a sparkly oven mitt.
Thanos is coming for those jems boi!!!
by Loki_the_killer May 2, 2018
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A purple man with a nut-sack chin that loves collecting rocks. He also loves adopting random children after murdering their family.
“Man, Thanos really screwed the Avengers
by Stutter Butter April 11, 2019
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An Insurance company that Makes every thing 50% off in the snap of a finger! you want 50% less Life in the Universe? Thanos insurance.
Thanos that Universe
by Ultra Instinct Sans February 15, 2019
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Grape man with cool glove. Is constantly bullied by all the "superheroes" .
Thanos looks like a decaying prune.
by TheUltimateGod4 July 26, 2018
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Purple elephant that committed genocide withe a nintendo power glove in a superhero movie
Thanos is coming
by Apollo with one L September 22, 2018
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