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Short term for
Age of mythology
a video game for pc made by 'ensemble studios'
me gonna go play a.o.m now...
by =virus.exe= August 17, 2004
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- a feat a extraordinary ability .
- another use for man
- *playing games* "ok meng coming up now..."
- "shaddup meng"
by =virus.exe= August 14, 2004
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1) a word randomly used in the context of 'wtf ,huh ,what? , come again? or zha?'
2) word used by chocobos to convey happiness also see wark
3) word used by eskimo bob
'got that fligu yet?'
by =virus.exe= November 18, 2004
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a cock which smells like cheese and has a brownish colour similar to that of a sausage you would get in a hotdog .
omg teh nanaki is a poonsausage with roflmayonase
by =virus.exe= January 9, 2005
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how some people say FEAR .
it means the same thing , just looks cooler , can also be seen as PH34R
omg phear me
*u die*
by =virus.exe= January 22, 2005
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meaning 'well of course dumbass!'
other phrases like this include grass is green
bob: i lost my brain! =)
jim: no shit sherlock
by =virus.exe= November 30, 2004
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a hilarious collection of home movies about a guy called jeremy .
go download now , go go go
this series is hard to understand if you are not much of a game player.
'lets go watch pure pwnage'
by =virus.exe= November 4, 2004
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