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meaning 'well of course dumbass!'
other phrases like this include grass is green
bob: i lost my brain! =)
jim: no shit sherlock
by =virus.exe= November 30, 2004

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a hilarious collection of home movies about a guy called jeremy .
go download now , go go go
this series is hard to understand if you are not much of a game player.
'lets go watch pure pwnage'
by =virus.exe= November 04, 2004

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another way to say well duh
meaning that the answer was very blatent .
Other phrases like this include no shit sherlock
bob:water is a liquid!
jim: and grass is green dumbass
by =virus.exe= November 30, 2004

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how some people say FEAR .
it means the same thing , just looks cooler , can also be seen as PH34R
omg phear me
*u die*
by =virus.exe= January 22, 2005

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means 'Crafty Pocket Wank'
when a dodgy looking man is in a teenage girls trampolining lesson with his hands in his pockets.... CPW
'hey look at that guy with his hands in his pockets...'
by =virus.exe= November 15, 2004

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leeching a torrent(see warez)and not seeding it.
this is common on private trackers.
Guy uses a private tracker and downloading 20GB , and uploading 500kb.
"that slut is doin a HnR!"
by =virus.exe= May 29, 2006

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