-_- <------
That thing. Used to represent lack of interest or a face palm without actually spelling it out.
Teen 1: Why did the skeleton run up a tree?
Teen 2: Why?
Teen 1: Because a dog was after his bones!
Teen 2: -_-
by Azote March 9, 2017
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emoticon symboilizing a sigh, usually a sigh of disgust
Rob: dude i didn't know he was a team mate

Jake: ugh fucking moron we we're gona win -_-
by Rob McCool July 20, 2003
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'-_-' is an internet 'type up' emoticon that has a few meanings.
People usually say that '-_-' represents a sign of disgust but it can also be a face that represents tire over someone who you find cringy or annoying online.
May also represent extreme suspicion over a particular subject. '-_-'s little brother is '-.-' which could shows even more suspicion.
Primary usage

P1: Lol did you see Brad's profile pic? He just dropped 15 pounds!

P2: Slim, eh?
P1: Uh, yeah?
P2: Lol
P1: What?
P2: Have you ever thought about what gets destroyed in this universe, and how it gets destroyed?
P1: Uhhhhhh
P2: You're telling me he's so thin that he doesn't exist, creating a vacuum in space... our world is in danger...
P1: Wow dude, just WOOOOW... -_-
by ThenewURL January 17, 2017
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an annoyed face. often used against extremely noobish behavior
SPR192NUBfag: OMG u r sooo kewl
cooldude72: -_- you're a fag.
by the das October 26, 2004
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1 person: hahahha you'r such a noob
me: ....-_-

2: So how are you?
m: bored outta my mind-_-
by darkprince13 November 23, 2006
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