A frequently misused word.

Decimate literally means to reduce something by a tenth, but many people use it instead to mean "totally destroy." The word "obliterate" would be a better choice than "decimate."

Decimate comes from the root "deci-" which can be found in other words involving ten, "decimal" for example.
When I decimated the cookies I ate ten out of the hundred-cookie batch.

Joe decimated the rock collection by getting rid of one tenth of the rocks.
by Athene Airheart March 25, 2004
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the verb to "decimate" comes from the root of the Latin word for ten. Obvious enough, but the use gets more interesting. The verb "To decimate" is synonymous with "to destroy" and may be used to talk about a great reduction, loss, etc. "Decimation" was used as a Roman military strategy, as punishment for a severe crime, typically rebellion or desertion, the army would be forcibly lined up, and every tenth person would be killed. The form of group punishment based on the number ten is an adequate enough explanation for the origin of the word. Today, the word can be used in a less mathematical context, and still be grammatically correct, though it's still an intense verb.
General Sherman's tactics in the South decimated the Confederate's power by destroying the land and cutting off economic growth.
by Dr. Strangelove77 April 8, 2009
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Decim is one of the main characters in the twelve episode series "Death Parade." He is an arbiter and the bartender for the bar Quindecim. His hobby is to collect the dummies of souls that have gone to the void. He is also the first arbiter with human emotions.
I ship Decim and Chiyuki.
by screwaloistrancy September 18, 2017
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The result of Thanos balancing the universe by snapping his fingers. But since no one saw this happen it is referred to as 'The Decimation.'
The decimation caused us to loose friends, family, and a part of ourselves.
by Hello,world! December 10, 2018
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Decimal is the most common base number system(10). The mainly used family of bases are: Hexidecimal,Decimal,Noninary,Octinary,Pentinary,Trinary,and Binary.
Hexidecimal: 190F151315030C
Decimal: 25152119210312
Noninary: 27162321230313
Octinary: 31172523270315
Pentinary: 100030041034041003022
Trinary: 221120210200021010110
Binary: 011001001111010101010011010101000011001100
Alphabet: YOUSUCK
by Xenoglyph November 5, 2003
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Money or the equivalent of. Representing funds.
Used in metaphoric terms by rapper Nas. "And I'm shrewd about decimals". On your P's and Q's when it comes to making money.
by Aint nuttin' December 8, 2010
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