A tree, official tree of Maryland (USA).

Also a middle school in Maryland, mainly full of wiggers
Bobby: Yo Tyrone, check out my Force's!
*Tyrone kills him*
Bobby: Hardcore, nigga!
by Wigger. May 26, 2005
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A comment made after a homosexual remark to secure one's manliness.
"Every Tuesday morning in November I like to go with Bruce in the Ford pickup and go up North. We pitch a tent, light some fires, kill some deer... moose.... elk.... you know... do manly things. But when it comes to evening, it's all Barry White and anal sex. White oak."
by Adam October 11, 2004
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A white dude who try's to be country even though his parents are loaded and pay for everything- these fuck boys are easily identified by their souped up diesel trucks that have never seen any work
TJ is such a white oak gangster- he drives that muddy diesel truck blasting country music but his parents are loaded. What a poser
by Bigdickballer420 June 8, 2017
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Named after the Maryland state tree is a rich area in Silver Spring MD. It includes of a lot of neighborhood and doctors of offices. Also is a holding place for White Oak center. The only dangerous place in White oak. It includes a Sweet Frog and Giant. It also holds a Kumon.
I live in near the White Oak Shopping Center in White Oak MD in Silver Spring.
by 7234 May 12, 2020
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White oaks is located in Oakville. They have by far the hottest girls in the world. Man that school is Bombz. 95% of the kids are stoners.
Liam: yo im going to go to Holy trinity for highschool
Andre: why man White oaks secondary school is where its at
by dredog148 January 11, 2011
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Let's be honest, if you go here you're one of three things:
- A sped

- A pothead

- Anti-social
White Oaks Secondary School is the most boring highschool in Oakville. That's saying a lot.
by SaltyPenis May 5, 2020
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half the guys are deadass wasted sperm w perm and the rest are social rejects or deported immigrants💀💀 so many stupid goofy ass names fr tho like one time i linked a guy his name was so stupid like it was pebbles or monica idfk im telling u i thought he was gon be fat w a unibrow
gia: rawr i love the rough gay sex that goes on at white oaks secondary school

rena: lets make a tape together !
by she.said.she.was.12 December 4, 2021
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