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Hands with the appetite to masturbate. Usually caused by a boner.
If you have a boner and appetized hands, be careful if you wish to masturbate.
by ManMan36 April 29, 2016
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A condition where the person is compulsively staring at their phone no matter the situation. They are completely oblivious to the outside world (hence "blindness"). These people are extremely annoying to their surroundings (especially when they are doing the ol' text 'n walk), and while doing so can put themselves and others in danger.
If you have cellphone blindness often, get help because you may be a cellphone addict.
by ManMan36 May 16, 2016
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A: Are you listening to that ewwsic again?
B: No, I am listening to Justin Bieber.
A: So, yes.
by ManMan36 June 17, 2016
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The first derivative of a function. See calculus.
If f(x) is equal to x^2+2x+5
then f'(x) is equal to 2x+2.
by ManMan36 May 23, 2016
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The husband of a female president. Opposite of first lady. As of the time of this writing nobody has ever had this title, because we live in a patriarchal society.
If Hillary Clinton gets elected president, Bill Clinton will be the first first gentleman.
by ManMan36 May 25, 2016
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To decrease by 1/10, hence the prefix deci.
Aww, only 10%? At least I can say I was decimating that test.
by ManMan36 May 23, 2016
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Referring to the phenomenon that some words have multiple plurals. This word describes such words.
Example of a doubly pluralizable word:
There is 1 Person. There are 2 Persons. There are 3 People.
by ManMan36 June 10, 2016
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