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A free resource that allows users to look up detailed growth statistics of their favorite youtube channels. Also predicts how much money they got in a single day, month, or year. Also includes data for twitch.tv users.
Thanks to socialblade, I know that my favorite youtube channel made around $200 yesterday.
by ManMan36 May 8, 2016
Capitalizing random words in The middle of the Sentence. Often done Unconsciously.
My English teacher Thinks that I have big Letter syndrome. I have No idea what She is talking about.
by ManMan36 May 9, 2016
In the times of castle warfare, these were windows that went through thick walls of the front of the castle where the window was wider on the inside than on the outside. A benefit to such windows is it was easy to fire an arrow out, but archers on the outside would have trouble firing back at you.
A word that rhymes with toilet.
King: Install an oillet in the front of my castle.
Servant: As you wish.
by ManMan36 January 4, 2016
To decrease by 1/10, hence the prefix deci.
Aww, only 10%? At least I can say I was decimating that test.
by ManMan36 May 24, 2016
A user with at least one definition to their name on Urban Dictionary.
Every definition on Urban Dictionary is written by an urban producer, including this one.
by ManMan36 April 25, 2016
A piece of meat eaten with breakfast or with ketchup and mustard and definitely NOT located beneath the male pants.
by ManMan36 May 9, 2016