The act of wearing something down over time
armies depending on superior numbers to defeat a smaller armys fight wars of attrition
by Rich November 19, 2003
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When some mofo draws destiny higher than your immunity and you gotta lose stuff. Or vice versa.
"What? I have to lose Luke Knight AND Obi for attrition? I hate that Boba Fett Bounty Hunter shit!"
by Crazzle Dazzle March 06, 2006
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The verb form of attrition. When someone leaves a group or company, he will "attrit" from that group.
We can't fire that group of managers even though they're dead weight. We just have to wait for them to attrit.
by mattybikes November 21, 2011
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The act of expelling bodily fluids
Sometimes also used as a business term for unimportant things
Can you wait for a sec, I have to experience some morning attrition
by Mitkoins January 07, 2017
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When at a party, the less pretty people become more attractive due to the departure and rapid pairing off of the more attractive people.
When 2am rolls around and the fat girls are looking tastey, it's because of attritional beauty. Similar to beer-goggles.
by Torklugnutz June 03, 2004
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A war in which forces do not confront each other in direct combat with the full strength of their teams, but instead aim to wear each other down over a period of time using tactics such as guerilla warfare, sabotage and other dishonourable means of combat.

The war is a war which will not necessarily be won by superior skill but by patience and skillful resource management.
Person 1: How did you lose all your poker chips you had 3/4 of the entire box?
Person 2: It degenerated into a war of attrition

Person 1: But you had the advantage so how did you lose?
Person 2: Patience is a virtue, the enemy was virtuous.
by Super_Dash August 12, 2010
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When a mobile phone call drops out, the ensuing attempts to call each other back on both sides results in endless straight-to-voicemail calls, engaged signals, more dropouts... it's just useless.

Adapted from the term "war of attrition", in which both forces wear each other down over a long period of time, resulting in little success for either.
Nick just dropped out; I'm trying to get ahold of him for the fourth time, but it's just a call of attrition at the moment.
by Wahooski November 15, 2010
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