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to some extent; in some way or other (used to convey inexactness or vagueness).
"“Do you see what I mean?” “Sort of,” answered Jean cautiously"
by Googygurl January 05, 2016
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A harmless thing to say, sort of. It's just a filler, sort of. It doesn't really mean anything; but after certain things, sort of means everything. Like after, "I love you," or "You're going to live."

(Source: Demetri Martin, Comedy Central Presents.)
I love you, sort of.
by Michelangelo April 23, 2006
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a word which means nothing and everything depending on how its used
1: "Hey do you like this place?"
"Ahh, sort of."

2:Congrats! It's a boy.....sort of.
by Thuggelz November 19, 2009
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I could sort of strip of my training pant undies though I could easily slip on my training pant undies!
by Turo Fernandez August 18, 2019
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Its aim lingo for sort of.
But As the human race, we are way to lazy to put a space between the sort and the of.
i'm sortof bored.

by Mr. Marsh September 15, 2008
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