A conversional unit of measure:
1.714 meters = 1 Mikey
The coated sheet needs to be 35 Mikeys
by THKMJPNK February 7, 2023
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There is no other man like a Mikey. The most luxurious lips, that can kiss incredibly good, nice bubbly ass, can fuck you so good that you just can't seem to get enough of him. He is interesting, different, and funny and you'll never meet anyone like him!!
by Mikeshellgirl October 11, 2021
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the most amazing thing that could ever happen to you, he may disagree and tell you otherwise, but hes perfect in every way. Once you fall for him theres no turning back, and all you want to do is be with him. His eyes are usually a sparkly brown ; and when he stares into your eyes you hope that the moment will last forever because its the most amazing feeling, having him looking back at you. When he sings to you, its like your world is on pause and everything that should matter, doesnt. Because he lets you forget, and all your troubles fade away, and when your together anything is possible. He is so loveable, there is nothing you wouldnt do for him. And you know he feels the same , i suck at this, but its how you feel.
god, id give anything to be with mikey.

im in love with mikey.

mikey is such a goof <3
by anonymoustinney April 10, 2011
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a dumbass who got his ip pulled on gta because of kanye west
by skeditboiii July 22, 2021
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Mikey is a kind hearted, well spirited person. He always knows just what to say. You can loose yourself in his crystal blue eyes. His smile is so contagious and his jokes can make you fall to the floor laughing. He will always be there to protect you and makes it very easy to love him. He’s literally the best person in the world but doesn’t realize it and that’s what makes him so cute. His goofy sense of humor and odd jokes will forever make you smile. He’s always willing to do what’s necessary to make you happy again. You will never forget him smiling and laughing at even the most stupid of things. Thank you for evyerything you do Mikey.
je t'aime Mikey.
by happyfrog05 May 20, 2018
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The American cunt who stole all of my juul pods
Mikey just stole $450 dollars worth of my vape shit
by TitianSRM April 23, 2019
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