The most powerful person in the world decides whether you will get roasted for the next 2 weeks.Often compared with God Himself
LaJohn-Man that nigga screw up my hair so hard i look like some steve Harvey shit nigga

Daquan-yo ima expose yo ass

DeWhiteboy-man your barber must be ass nigga for that shit
by The name definer 22 May 5, 2018
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To reach an advanced state of intoxication, otherwise referred to as "getting pissed/maggot/wasted/drunk/plastered", possibly complimented by severe projectile vomiting.
Person 1: Hey mate what did you get up to on Saturday night?
Person 2: Ahh not much just got barbered with a few mates.
by macca91 September 8, 2009
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a man who likes to shave his women's pubic hair prior to sex.
Tony is such a barber that he takes a travel bag with foam and razor to the nightclubs trolling for pussy.
by Flange Master M January 29, 2008
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an adjective saying that a person is telling a fake story for his/her own reason..
somtimes telling a story to show off or to be prestigious.
Juan is barbers, he tells his own story even his story didn't even happen...

Paulo is also barbers, his story is different from Juan's even though the story never even happened..

Juan tells that John stinks and dived into a creek.
Paulo tells that John stinks and took a bath.
John doesn't stink at all..
by kingkongmokonggunggong June 10, 2009
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Verb - to jiggle the door handle of a potentially unoccupied room in hopes of finding it unlocked, thereby enabling the "barberer" to rob said room. Also the process of verifying all rooms are locked before leaving a secure building.
Hey T.J., did you barber the doors before you left work to make sure they were locked?
by CCDiddler February 26, 2009
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There have only been speculations of the one they call Barber. All we know is that his steps crack cement, his hair flows like Fabio's, and he has the figure of greek god. Some say that he is more than a man but less than a God. Like Hercules. It's been said his single footstep has the power to ripple effect across the world and cause a tsunami in the eastern hemisphere. Barber spottings have been most recorded in Demascus, MD and Orono, ME. He has been known to hold bi-yearly killing sprees on the campuses of JMU, UD, UNH, UMass, William and Mary, Villanova and Towson. It has been told that he is the sole cause of ending the football programs of Hofstra and Northeastern. The WWF (world wildlife federation) has its speculations that barber caused the earthquake of haiti. There are only two know aliases of Barber which are "the Duke of Demascus" and "Mathew Yohan Von Barberstein."

If you have seen the one they call Barber please approach with caution and respect his luscious and predominant presence.
"Barber could fuck up the rotational axis of the earth"
by JC the JAD January 20, 2010
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Barbers are a very good looking honest no joke kind of family. If you come in contact with a Barber you may have met a once in a lifetime great people. Fun loving trustworthy friends. They believe in soul mates.
I ran into Pam n Allen Barber there such a hot couple.
by April 28, 2022
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