A very, very, very college student populated town in Maine, with a smaller amount of rich local business owners.
"Last week I visited Joe in Orono, and we got wasted at a hockey game and then ate at the local tavern. We also bought a windchime."
by gaffrigged August 18, 2011
Orono was in Coldwell bankers top 10 most expensive communities to live in. Everyone here is VERY rich, and finding someone without a luxury car is rare. The schools are becoming crowded because so many people are moving to Orono.
She's not that smart, how did she get into Harvard?

Shes from Orono!
Of course, she is.
A hick town in the middle of no where with a solid population of 10 people and a whole lotta corn
by Joey1234577 November 12, 2017
Orono Middle School is a school in MN that is a school full of Fuck Boys and bitchy girls! everybody at this school is rich and rude! you get little to no snow days. The average income of an orono parent is $100,000! people are soooo cliquey.
WOW that girl was a bitch she must be from Orono Middle School.
by bitchygirl101 May 21, 2018
Orono is a school in Minnesota, where snow days are rare and meeting partiers is common. People here are pretty fucking awesome. 90% of Orono is rich, 10% are stoners. Orono is not racially diverse with about 5 black people here.
Friend request from ******. Holy shit shes so fucking hottt bro!
She is from Orono High School. Of course shes hot!
by ORONO HOTTIESSSS January 27, 2013
The greatest school in all of Minnesnowta. people that come from this place are the "swickest" of them all and deserve all of the praise they have coming. Every person that has ever stepped out of this high school has become successful and lived a beautifully fabulous life. Orono High school is a place that provides wonderful people with a swick life. brillance, beauty, and swickness. Only ballers come from here. BALLER CITY.
Wow, ****** came from Orono High School, she is the swickest person I've ever met
by swicknastay January 13, 2011
Located in Orono, Maine. Really small school that consistst of hicks and fake bitches. Most people dont care about school and are too busy doing drugs. The academics are good but the sports teams pretty much suck. Most people are dying to leve. But orono is way better than Old Town.
i go to Orono High School...it sucks
by starfox2010 November 7, 2010