Something you say after you burn someone so hard you can't resist saying this phrase
Person: You are soooo stupid.
You: Hey this is about me not you.
Other humans: GET ROASTED!!!
by SansThePunMaster April 7, 2017
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when someone says, " get roasted by cody," you know it has to be a true roast.
Bob, "You're dumb."
everyone, "omg get roasted by cody"
by ugggghwhycantithinkofausername October 24, 2019
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Something your fellow classmates or peers say before they proceed to roast your existence usually happens if you try to roast them but fail.
Dude 1: Boy your hairline look like scratch art!
Crowd: Cricket
Dude 2: BOY DON'T LET ME GET THE ROAST ON YOU with your high waters looking ass boy mike wazowski sounding voice ass boy
by Dankness at its finest July 10, 2017
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