adj: Being better than others around you; having a rich tradition of excellence
Thomas: The Eagan High School Wind Ensemble plays better than a good deal of college bands, you should all be proud to be a member of this prestigious ensemble.

Simon: Wow, I sure am glad I have been a part of this ensemble for the past several years. It really is an honor
by tubist69 October 24, 2011
Famous, positively well-known
by larstait October 30, 2003
Sense 2003 the Prestigious Trophy is the highest award given to the SCFFL Champion.
Many have tried, most have failed...
For those who fail, the hunger kills them, and the chase continues.

To be able to hold the Prestigious Trophy is a honor that few have had, and all Want....
Any give Sunday can make or break the chase.

So bow down to the Champ, for that is all you are allowed to call him for a Year...
SCFFL Prestigious Trophy is the only important SoCal Fantasy football championship award...
by K27 aka KingDingaling February 26, 2010