When something happens unexpectedly and you believe that saying this will help cope with the situation.
Mother: 'Jimmy, come up from the basement for supper.'

Jimmy: 'Okay, mother!'

Mother: 'I've invited your high school sweetheart Big Betty too. She says she misses you a lot.'

Jimmy: 'Shit nigga.'
by RocEgg123 March 1, 2013
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a term used by white australians for unhygeinic aboriginals, they are gifted with a variety of magical abilites such as stealing bikes and "shitting in the bed"
"Yo oh man nigga last night i was in bed and i tried to fart and shit went everywhere!"

"Oh AARON your such a shit nigga"
by Rambo 93 March 20, 2009
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A term you say to your homie when something bad has becometh him.
Guy 1: "Ayy bruh you smash jessica?"
Guy 2: "Nah dude she friendzoned me."
Guy 1: " Ahh shit nigga."
by Da c0nman April 22, 2017
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A nigga that ain't about shit. A deadbeat. Will never amount to anything and has no purpose in life, at all. And this applies to all ethnicities.
"We slept together and I haven't heard from him since."

"Girl, that's because he's an ain't shit nigga! Don't worry about him... move on!"
by ali10elyg November 19, 2009
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- Dang nigga, look at that Brazilian ass
- Shit nigga damn, that's a fat ass girl
by Gustavo goose February 9, 2013
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when someone does something good and/or recieves something good
Person 1- I just got a new job

Person 2- good shit nigga
by Carney12 July 20, 2011
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When the squad up to some devious or crazy shit to get quick money
Yo we up to that quick gang shit nigga, fuck with us later
by the negro pessimist March 24, 2018
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