Phrase used to taunt someone who is getting excessively agitated over an annoyance which can be legitimately real or not, but is usually much more minor than their reaction calls for.
Statement: "Asshole, if you tap your fingers on the poker table it counts as a check. You don't get to bet this round."

Response: "Get Pissed, Dan."
by Bobby McC March 20, 2008
phrase you to antagonize someone when they say something disagreeable or think you are wrong
Dan: "hey nate have you talked to kyle lately?"

Nate: "no i don't talk to her anymore dude."
Dan: "OH, "gets pissed"!"
by woodarnold August 3, 2008
To get on the piss, or getting on the piss, refers to the act of drinking alcoholic beverages, most typically with friends, and getting heavily intoxicated as a result.
by Tirin July 27, 2013
One of the highest ranks of expressing how intoxicated you are, or will be. More aggressive form of 'getting on the piss' or 'OTP', as you are quantifying how deep you will be getting in the piss, rather than just getting on it. (See also: piss = alcohol/alcoholic beverage).
John: What are ya up to tonight mate?
Darryl: Getting in the piss bro.
John: How deep?
Darryl: Till I can't feel my legs
by djjnrsxx April 27, 2016
When you need to get angry/aggressive/excited/energetic for something
"Yall need to get your piss hot for this game Friday"
by Mangle479 September 16, 2020