Paulo is guy who is one of the most wholesome and intelligent you'll ever meet, and you'll never want to lose his friendship, or love. He is adored by those around him, even though he might not even know it. He cares about everyone and everything, even though he may not know them/it well. He, on the inside, may feel alone, even with people who care about him. He is not one to share is inner thoughts and feelings, and keeps them inside. If you ever come across a Paulo in your life, make sure you keep that bond close, and be there for him was much as he is for you.
Paulo is one hell of a character. He's really cool though.
by reyloforevr February 17, 2019
Paulo is a laid-back human that describes life as one word "Unique" doesn't care for the typical "High-School" drama he goes for the people that stick out like a sore thumb. Paulo is cute, hot, and a lady-killer, but definetly hates getting girls to easy and hates the girls that put out. Paulo is helpful to many, but never gets any help in return he is loved by many, but he is a very-bad-boy he is sexual loves giving sexual vibes and he is a STONER. If you get a man like Paulo don't lose him he is one of a kind and definetly pictures himself as the kind you'll never forget. Paulo doesn't have many friends he can call his "Friends" because he is all about the real things in life if you put drama in his face don't expect him to care for it. He fights for what he loves and he'll surely fight for you. He doesn't care for alot of things and he doesn't care for school. Treat Paulo right he'll treat you right!
Dan: "You know that guy Paulo?"

Caleb: "Yeah that guy is good"
by Bigcoc45 July 11, 2018
He is a cute, amazing, clever, and funny guy. He can be very friendly and he treats his girl right. Rarely he gets mad. If your in need he has your back with advice and support.
Paulo, I'm so glad to have you in my life; your an amazing friend.
by Jarlton March 4, 2015
someone who is very cute and sometimes get lots of girl. his smart in school but sometimes good be naugthy also has a big head. get very angry quickly
by gdotg February 5, 2010
Handsome, fierce yet mellow and quite often musically inclined, enjoys the small things in life. Curious, open-minded, daring and honest, he seeks the truth. While he enjoys the fruits of society such as heavymetal music and The House of Blues (or other good venues), he can often be found on a beach or in a forest with friends, hiking and just generally enjoying the day.

He makes an excellent friend. And though he doesn't let it show to most people, he can be very romantic.
To know music is to know passion, and to know Paulo is to know music.
by UrbanKeeper February 11, 2010
A strange Brazilian man who likes to practice the art of Tantra. He seldom ejaculates so is always highly strung.
Hey is that Paulo over there dancing? Does he have a boner? then yes it is him
by HelloHow AreYOU September 17, 2018
A guy that seems incredibly homosexual but is straight.He's xbox addict and possibly loves it more than his girlfriend.Paulo is loved by everyone except people named: Veronica, Peter, Megan, and Ayushi.He is very sexual and always talks about getting laid though he never has experienced it.In other words, Paulo is a kind, cool friend that always gives us money.
You're such a Paulo!
by ironman007 August 10, 2010